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Receptionist Training

Your receptionist is the "voice" of your company, Make sure the impression they give is one of quality, caring and professionalism

Outsourced BDC

Utilize the BDC Genius Call Center to handle any or all of the following:

  1. Inbound Sales Calls
  2. Outbound Internet Follow Up
  3. Unsold Showroom Traffic
  4. Service Reminders
  5. Recall Lists

Not everyone qualifies to work with us.

We are in this business to achieve great results for our clients and to improve both conversions and profitability. We wont work with just anyone. We have a list of criteria for our clients, so we can ensure that we are in alignment with our goals and our outcomes.

What we are looking for in a company/partner

       1. You must be committed to undertaking the training without interference

              *Clients are encouraged to attend all training, but not to high-jack the class to share their

               insights and training methodologies.   (you can do that anytime, the class needs to here

               from another voice; the trainer is being paid to train) 

       2. You must have created a benchmark for the "As-is" situation

       3. You agree that all training discussions will happen prior to our arrival and we

             will agree on the desired results, and allow us to deliver the best ethical

             training program we can

       4. You are open minded to the best practices that we have accumulated

            through our years of experience - the internet is here to stay

       5. You understand that your team has become "Parent-Deaf" meaning that 

            they cant hear your managers anymore.  It's not a dig on your managers or

            yourself, it's just the way it goes. 

       6. We must agree on the measurable results that determine success prior to our arrival.

BDC Creation and Implementation

Unleash the full potential of your dealership by developing a focused and well trained team of service and/or sales professionals that will generate more potential customers into your dealership.

How Can We Help?

BDC Training

Empower your current BDC representatives to be more effective with callers and have them direct the "be-back" bus into your store. Available for both service and sales


Buy stand alone items for a "Do-It-Yourself" Type Manager


Phone Training


Give your sales associates the ability to confidently represent your dealership and brand to sell more efficiently. ​


Stop the diagnosing over the phone, train your service BDC and your advisors to drive traffic to your service drive, not the competitions. ​

Internet Dept Training

Building a robust and repeatable process that yields more sales and more profit.
  • CRM Modifications
  • Email Templates
  • Process improvements
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Goal and Activity Tracking